Local History

Some of you may be confused about the different Fraternities represented on this website. This page of our Local History will answer these questions.

1929: A local social Fraternity known as Beta Kappa Nu was founded at Wisconsin State College in Whitewater. (Founded by Edward Cunningham, Paul Rhode, Arthur Steffen, Verne Collins, Einar Larson, Charles Woodbury & 6 others. W.C. Fischer was the Fraternity Sponsor/Advisor).

Chi Delta Rho1934: The men of Beta Nu join ranks with several other local Fraternities in the Wisconsin State College system and formed a statewide Fraternal organization which they called Chi Delta Rho State Fraternity. The Beta Chapter of Chi Delta Rho, located in Whitewater, was the first Chi Delta Rho Chapter to have a Fraternity House.

The existence of this state organization was short-lived due mainly to the crisis of World War II, which drastically reduced the male collegiate population. Shortly after the war, several members of Chi Delta Rho returned to the Whitewater campus to finish their schooling only to find that the state organization of Chi Delta Rho had completely dissolved. Nonetheless, these war veterans were not discouraged; they immediatedly undertook the task of rebuilding their local fraternity on the Whitewater campus and out of the past sentiment, they chose the Greek name for their organization from the defunct state organization, Chi Delta Rho.

Delta Kappa COA1952: Chi Delta Rho had grown and propsered as a local organization. Looking toward the future and constantly seeking new ways to improve upon their organization, it was decided that Chi Delta Rho would affiliate with a national organization. The national organization was called Delta Kappa*, which appeared to be a growing and promising fraternal body.

1961: Having realized that the perceived advantages of national affiliation were not to be realized through association with Delta Kappa, the Whitewater Chapter (known as Chi Delta Chapter) began disaffiliation proceedures with Delta Kappa. Because of communications of the time being written letters and an occassional phone call (and the Delta Kappa National Headquarters having some petty issues with the Chi Delta Chapter), the process of dis-affiliation took almost 2 years.

Chi Delta Rho1963: The local fraternal body in Whitewater once again became recognized as the Chi Delta Rho Local Social Fraternity. At this point, we believe that the Whitewater Chi Delta Rho Fraternity was the ONLY Chapter, as other Chapters had transitioned to Delta Kappa, other Fraternities or dissolved.

Lambda Chi Alpha COAApril 13, 1965: Chi Delta Rho petitions and is accepted by Lambda Chi Alpha National Fraternity to affiliate. The Grand High Zeta approved this petition on October 23, 1965. At the time of transition to Lambda Chi Alpha, Chi Delta Rho had 500 Alumni. They had a house that was located in the south side of the southern cul-de-sac of Fraternity Lane in Whitewater.

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*Delta Kappa was originally known as Kappa Kappa Kappa, but changed its name in 19XX due to the unpopular and mis-association with the Ku Klux Klan. The name Delta Kappa was used to server as a reminded of the short name of Tri-Kappa (Tri = Delta).