Delta Kappa: Crest

Delta Kappa COAIn attempts be better understand out past in Whitewater, I present you information about Delta Kappa. Here is a description of the Delta Kappa Crest, from the Spring 1961 Deltan (Delta Kappa National Newsletter). I assume these are the “open” meanings of the crest and that we are not giving away any DK mysteries. Click the Crest to see a larger version. Thanks to Brother Red Moeller for the Delta Kappa/Chi Delta Rho materials that included this information.

A symbol of the fraternity since the brotherhood’s earilist beginnings, the Crest of Delta Kappa contains many elements that are deeply interwoven wih the fraternity’s purpose and philosophy.

Explanation of the Crest proceeds from bottom to top. The scroll under the shield bears the name and founding date of the fraternity. The large shield is triangularly divided to represent the mystic nature of the three Kappas. The sword and staff in the upper left section are taken from the first letter of the Greek word “Korufaios,” meaning “to lead.” In the lower section of the shield is a book which refers to “Kosmos,” meaning “honorableness.” In the right section of the shield is the design of the Greek Letters D.K., which brings out the Tri-Kappa symbolism and also completes the mystic nature of the three Kappas–namely “Kathapos,” meaning “uprightness.”

Above the shield is a chain of links which indicated strength of the fraternal bond. At the top, the scales, supported by the arm of justice, suggest the balance of individual growth through the socialising influences which are: fellowship, scholarship and leadership.

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