Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions…and their answers.

What happened to the old website?
We have decided to change the format of the website to focus on Alumni news, recolonizing efforts, and other items, making information easier to find for everyone.

I want to post something on the website, how do I do that?
The website is currently maintained by Jeff “Claude” Reisdorfer and Mike “Fuzz” Martin. Please send all photos, stories and other items to Jeff ( and we will post them as quickly as possible. We are always looking for stories about: Alumni gatherings (of all types), weddings, births, deaths, business news, promotions, trips, awards and any other items that would be interesting to our Brothers. Write us and let us know if you have a story about yourself or another Alumni that we should feature on our website! Photos are always welcome and enjoyed by everyone.

If I make a donation to Lambda Chi Alpha, can I write it off on my taxes?
From what we have learned from Lambda Chi Headquarters, the only tax “write off” donations to Lambda Chi Alpha must be made to the Education Foundation at International HQ. There are some other tax “write off” donation options for local Chapters which are similar to the Education Foundation (but on a local basis), but at this time, we do not have those options available.

However, we do have the ability to receive your donation online, using a credit card or check via PayPal (no PayPal account is required). Click the “Make a Donation” button on the right side of the screen to be taken to our secure PayPal store where you can make a donation to the Alumni Association with your credit card. Your name will appear on our Donors Page (see the links on the right side of the page) once you have made your contribution. If you prefer not have your name listed, please make note of that in the “shipping instructions” box. Thank you for your donations to support our Brotherhood!

How do I get on a mailing list?
If you want be on the emailing list, email Martin Hoke:

I haven’t received a Cross & Crescent magazine in years, can I still get a subscription?
As of November 2005, the Cross & Crescent has gone online. You can visit and read the updated Cross & Crescent at If you prefer, you can download a .pdf version of the C&C, print it out, and keep a copy for your archives. While the magazine is no longer being printed and mailed, this new format allows for more updated content. The website and magazine are updated on the 2nd of every month. Be sure to check out the Official Cross & Crescent Podcast, which our own Fuzz Martin hosts.

When is Lambda-Iota going to recolonize in Whitewater?
Lambda Chi Alpha has committed to recolonizing Lambda-Iota in Whitewater (C&C April, 2007). Lambda Chi Alpha can begin exploratory recruitment in the August of 2007. After the time and requirements for recolonizing have been met, Lambda-Iota can receive it’s Charter (hopefully, Fall 2008!)
(This process is not going to happen by itself. Your help as Alumni is needed! Please contact Lambda Chi Alpha Alumni Association President, Martin Hoke or Mark Litscher, to offer any support you can.)

Do we still own the house?
Yes. The Lambda Chi Alpha Housing Corps is still in control of and owns the house at 416 West North Street. The house needs to be cleaned and remodeled. Because there are no Undergrads living in the house, the Housing Corps has been using reserve funds to pay property taxes and other costs associated with keeping a home. The Alumni Association and Housing Corporation ask for your help in these efforts. Please donate any time and money you have available to strengthen our house and Brotherhood.