Photos from Brother Jim Liska

So MANY thanks to Brother Jim Liska for sharing these slides with us! Who knew that scanning slides would be so time consuming! Here are some great photos taken by Brothers Jim Liska, Terry Esrael and others.

You can watch the slideshow here, or click on the images to be taken to where you can read the descriptions as they were penned on each slide. My apologies for butchering names, some of them were hard to read. Be sure to keep an eye out for pictures of our mascot Chopper!

3 Responses to “Photos from Brother Jim Liska”

  1. Frank Rahne Says:

    Memories from many years ago. Didn’t realize we were all thin. Do Liska and Esrae still have all their hair?l

  2. Terry Esrael Says:

    Hey Frank!..glad to see your post….good to stay “above ground”…
    got a few hairs left but not nearly as many…
    looking forward to seeing you and many brothers when we fully activate the chapter again in the next year or two…hope all is well with you…retired?

  3. Frank Says:

    Hello Terry!
    We have been spending the last two months in Fl. Retired and remarried in the last year. (Lost spouse of 41 years) Communicating and have visited with widow of Joe Sekelsy and had a visit from Marty Krygiel. Married a gal from Menomonie Wisc. Visit the Madison area from time to time. Where are you living?

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