Chi Delta Rho (2nd Generation) Badge

Many thanks to Brother Terry Esrael for these two pins.
First, this great Chi Delta Rho Badge.

This is (what I call) a 2nd Generation Chi Delta Rho Badge, from the years of Chi Delta Rho at UW-W between the Delta Kappa generation and the beginning of Lambda Chi Alpha in 1965. It depicts the 2nd Gen. Chi Delta Rho Coat of Arms/Crest, which was very similar to the original Chi Delta Rho Crest, but was adapted to have 2 elements from the Delta Kappa Crest.

Secondly, Brother Esrael sent a Lambda Chi Alpha letters recognition pin.

Also, Terry sent 3 composites which I will be sharing with all of you, shortly! Thanks again to Brother Terry Esrael for these great submissions to the archives. If you have items you would like included in the archives, please comment here or email me at:

Be sure to check out Brother Esrael’s business website:

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