What is a fraternity?

Donald LybargerFrom the November 2008 issue of the Cross & Crescent

“I sometimes ask myself whether Phi Sigma died when it helped found Theta Kappa Nu. I ask again whether Theta Kappa Nu no longer lives since, by its union with Lambda Chi Alpha, it lost its identity. I ask myself what is a fraternity? Is it a name? Is it a house, a national organization? Is it a group of alumni? Is it the active chapter of undergraduates? Of course, it is no one of these; but by the same token it is the sum total of them plus that unending spirit of brotherhood which binds us together.”

– Donald Lybarger
Founder of Phi Sigma Fraternity
(Phi Sigma co-founded Theta Kappa Nu Fraternity, which merged with Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity in 1939).

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