Tributes to Brother Andy Ullrich

We have received some great photos of tributes to Brother Andy “Quarters” Ullrich from his parents, Tom and Luci, and sister Anna. They have sent along photos of tattoos that they have gotten in remembrance of Andy.

Click the link below to read a letter from Andy’s sister, Anna, explaining the tattoos.

My dad’s tattoo is the [composite] picture of Andy from his pledge year. It looks so real to life and also has the dates of Andy’s life separated by the cross he wore around his neck from his confirmation sponsor, Jim.

The words [on mom’s tattoo] are all names that she called Andy plus the year he was born, 1985. The teddy bear is representative of his bear called ‘New’ that he had from a baby on. He had many ‘News’ because the bear had been hugged so many times the stuffing came out. The ‘Quarters’ are for his nickname from the fraternity and the date underneath is 2008 when he was born into his new life. He coined this nickname when he went to a get together and paid in quarters. The Christmas tree is for all the times Andy had to bring up the 8 Christmas trees in our house from the basement and he always got a little perturbed because there we so many but he always did it to help! He also planted 6 white pine trees in the backyard. Since he passed away he has had 7 trees planted or in the process of being planted in his honor and memory. The cabin was one of his favorite places to go and his plans included having one on a huge plot of land when ‘he grew up.’ The fire goes along with the outdoor scene and his love for sitting by a good bonfire and relaxing. The cross is his confirmation cross that he was wearing when he died and got from his confirmation sponsor Jim who also has passed away. This cross is also on my Dad’s tattoo in the middle of his dates of life. TCB with the lightning bolt represents Elvis and ‘taking care of business’. The fraternity letters are next which meant so much to him, Lambda Chi Alpha and which he dedicated so much of his time to. Hopefully someday the chapter will be back because that is what Andy wanted to happen so bad!
Additionally, the Ullrich’s have made bracelets help “Carry on..” Andy’s spirit throughout our lives. The bracelets have Andy’s name and the phrase “Carry On..” emblazoned upon them. In tribute to one of Andy’s favorite songs, Carry On my Wayward Son (By Kansas). Please contact Brother Jacob “Potter” Ciha if you are interested in getting a Carry On bracelet.

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  1. Luci Ullrich Says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Simply amazing and breathtaking for me to see! I hope many view this for years to come. May the legacy of Andy “Quarters” Ullrich live on in our memories. As we always say, “Carry On…!” Here’s hoping a chapter gets re-instated at UWW soon. I do not know what our family would have done without the Lambda Chi “brother’s” help and support. Please feel free to e-mail us at anytime. We love you guys!
    Luci Ullrich

  2. Tom Ullrich Says:

    You guys don’t know how awesome this article makes my family feel!!!
    Andy loved the lambdas more than you’ll ever know. It meant the world to him or maybe you do know all the things he would do around the frat house the leadership trips ,hoping to be someday President of lambdas!!! He had alot of dreams in his future believe me I know!!! Thanks for all you have done for quarters!!! Carry On like he would want you to, don’t ever quit!!!
    Tom Ullrich

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