Update: Tom Kempfer is ‘Stuck in a Truck’

UPDATE: Tommy is still stuck in the truck.
It’s down to 3 contestants, Tommy being one of them! I flipped on the site last night and saw “Mel” get out of the truck around 9:10pm (Oct 23…21 days after entering the truck!)

Tommy won the six hour break this past thursday and wanted to send thanks to any and all of our Brothers who voted for him- it meant a lot to him. He and the other three contestants are now settling in for the long haul and Tommy is determined to win. The organizers told them that these contests typically run as long as 45-75 days and Tommy, since he works on commissions, has arranged so that he can stay as long as he needs to in order to win. He welcomes visitors any time anyone can stop by at the Kayser Ford office on the beltline off the Todd Drive exit in Madison. He’s doing fine and has read more books in the last two weeks than he has read in the past four years. On election day, each of the remaining contestants will get a six hour break to vote and each of them plans to still be there then.
Brother Tom Kempfer is ‘Stuck in a Truck’. He is participating in a contest with 96.3 Star Country WMAD , where he is trying to outlast other contestants by spending his days and nights inside of a truck! The winner takes home Ford F-150. I believe the contest began on October 5th and will go on as long as it takes. Tommy can be seen on camera (warning: camera contains audio and video, parental discretion is advised).
Thanks to Brother Mark Volz for this story!

4 Responses to “Update: Tom Kempfer is ‘Stuck in a Truck’”

  1. Pokes Says:

    good luck bud!

  2. Dave Baumgartner Says:

    How do they work the congical visits?

  3. paula mohan Says:

    This is like the film, THE TRUMAN SHOW, only it’s THE TOMMY SHOW. That, or some kind of Orwellian “big brother” is watching, which takes on a whole different meaning when you’re talking about a fraternity, I guess. I predict that the meltdowns will begin about day 10.

  4. Jeff Says:

    The real bummer is going to be whoever wins, will probably get the truck they have all been sitting in for so many days. You’d be sick of it by then…and it would probably have a nice smell to it! 😀

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