The Paedagogus – Cenetennial Edition

The 51st Edition of the Paedagogus just came out…and highlighting the Centennial of our Fraternity.

The cover of the Paed is a deep green and embossed in gold leafing with the title and the Centennial logo.

The first thing you will notice about this Centennial Edition is that it is printed completely in color! A beautiful surprise, to say the least. Also, this education manual has been updated with all of the latest Lambda Chi Alpha information, logos, officer descriptions, Chapter Histories and other Lambda Chi national information. And while Lambda-Iota Zeta was not an active Chapter while this book was published, there are quite a few obvious (and 1 or 2 subtle) Lambda-Iota references.

Lambda-Iota references include:

p.55 Our Heritage (Emblems and their significance)
The Flag of Lambda Chi Alpha

*Note: I was on the Lambda Chi Alpha Graphics Committee from its beginnings in 2005(?) and one of my tasks was to re-create the LCA Flag. Of course it had to show chapter designation, and what better chapter to show designation, than Lambda-Iota. Take a peak at our chapter representing! Kinda snuck that one in there.

p.161 Academic Achievements
Wisconsin-Whitewater; 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1987, 1988, and 1992

p.164 Membership Recruitment Awards
Wisconsin-Whitewater; 1988, 1989, and 2003

p.164 Website Development Awards
Wisconsin-Whitewater (Alumni Association); 2007

p.168 Order of Merit (Recognizes unusual, lengthy, and dedicated service – particularly at the local chapter level – with election to the Order of Merit)
Thomas W. Boelk, Wisconsin-Whitewater; 1994

p.179 Administrative Staff
Michael J. Ramig, Wisconsin-Whitewater; Educational Leadership Consultant, 1998-1999

[OMITTED FROM THIS EDITION] Student Advisory Committee: Thomas J. Gavigan, Wisconsin–Whitewater; 1970-1971

p.158, Our Chapter Listing

184 Wisconsin-Whitewater; Lambda-Iota;
Whitewater, Wisconsin, founded 1868,
state; Chi Delta Rho founded 1929, Beta
Kappa Nu founded 1929, installed Apr.
13, 1965; 932 initiates [dormant 2005-].

This is how to read our Chapter Listing:
184 (Lambda-Iota was the 184th Lambda Chi Alpha Chapter Installed)
Wisconsin-Whitewater (University)
Lambda-Iota (our Chapter designation)
Whitewater, Wisconsin (location city, state)
founded 1868 (when the University was founded)
state (UW-Whitewater is a state college)
Chi Delta Rho founded 1929 (our Chapter was Chi Delta Rho when it became LCA, Chi Delta Rho was founded in 1929 at Central State Teachers College – Now known as UW-Stevens Point)
Beta Kappa Nu founded in 1929 (our local Fraternity was first known as the Beta Kappa Nu fraternity, founded in 1929 at Wisconsin State Teachers College – now known as UW-Whitewater)
Installed Apr. 13, 1965 (the date of Chi Delta Rho in Whitewater becoming Lambda Chi Alpha)
932 initiates (obvious)
dormant 2005- (the Chapter isn’t closed, it just hasn’t been Active since 2005)

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