Alumni Association News

– Important Alumni Association Meeting: Tuesday, October 7th at the House in Whitewater, 7pm. Anyone who can make this meeting is encouraged to do so.
– Homecoming Events will take place at the House on October 25th. Gather at the House for the parade (10am) and a cookout before the game.

The House is currently getting a much needed exterior makeover in the form of new siding.. Check out this picture taken by Housing Corporation President, Don Reinbold, today Oct. 6th as he was mowing the lawn. (What can we say, our Brothers are multi-taskers!) Brother Nick Weisensel’s company is heading up the project.

– Also, a big thank you to Brothers Jeff Kenner and Joe Palmer who have made sizable donations to the Alumni Association. We appreciate your continued support of our Bond. If you would like to make a donation, you can click the DONATE button the right side of the screen or send a check to Alumni Association Treasurer Robert Hazod. His information is noted below the donation button. Click here for an updated list of donors.

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  1. Shumate Says:

    Wow! The House looks great…I drove by in August when I was back in Wisco on my way to Milwaukee and the House was starting to resemble the Bates Motel (I think I saw Tom in the attic window). Great job guys, I can’t wait to see it in person at Homecoming.

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