Colonization Dates & Updates

What follows is an Email from Aiden Mette, Lambda Chi Alpha-Educational Learning Consultant…
I know this is late notice but it looks like the Associate Member ceremony on Sunday and the tentative Brotherhood event on Friday are going to have to be postponed.
Due to a lot of different factors we just dont have the numbers to make this work so early on. Also I know we have received several names from the alumni base and I encourage anyone that has names to get them to us immediately. Thanks again for all the work you’ve done and if you have any questions please contact me.

Aiden Mette, ELC

This information just came to us from the Lambda Chi Alpha recruiters in Whitewater. What follows is an email from the recruiters on campus.
Tonight (Sunday9/21) we gave out our first bid to Corey Hart, a 21 year old freshman who is a US Marine. Very excited to have him on board as he is a very mature and stable student. [We] have several other prospects on the list that we hope to lock in within the first two days.

Tomorrow (Monday 9/22) we have an activities fair from 4:30 to 6:15 on campus. If anyone is in the area (again, sorry for the extremely late notice), we would more than love to have them, otherwise Matt [Roy] and I can handle it. But we’ll have a table and be distributing information.

Friday (9/26) I hope to have a good group of guys and do a quick Brotherhood event for them. I was thinking early evening so they can get on and do what they want during the night. I would love to have alumni at this because I want to get them introduced right away. It would be a sort of welcome activity, go over the Coat of Arms and Creed, a little Ritualistic. But I was thinking we could do this out the house, so they also get an introduction to where they could live!

Sunday (9/28), I just put in the room request, we plan on hosting our first Associate Member Ceremony. And Alumni support would be more than appreciated. We are hoping to have our recent colony at Lake Forest perform it for them to create some great interaction. But that would be 12 pm [noon] hopefully in the Old Main Ballroom of the University Center.

Those are the primary dates so far, with more to come. Something else on the radar is October 11th we are hosting a True Leader Summit at Elmhurst College during the day. Free leadership training will be available to the undergrads and we plan on inviting Whitewater and Lake Forest, and if Alumni would be willing to go in support we would love to have you.

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  1. Pokes Says:

    I am planning on being at the a.m. ceremony. If anyone around the madison area is interested let me know and we can car pool.

  2. PotterLI901 Says:

    Excellent! We gave a bid to a Brewer. haha

  3. Concerned Says:

    As a person who takes pride in UW-Whitewater and it’s organizations, I was sickened by the announcement regarding your bid for Corey Hart. In July Corey drove drunk across Whitewater and nearly killed two people crossing the street by hitting them. According to the newspaper his BAC was well over 3 times the legal limit and he is charged with two felonies!! (mind you this is not his first DUI) How could this be a mature and stable person? Either he has not been honest with you regarding his recent legal problems or your organization has severely lowered it’s standards.

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