Officer Mentors

It is our intention to establish an Alumni mentor program. This program will not only establish a stronger bond between the undergraduate members but also provide the additional oversight required to keep the chapter growing in the right direction.

As you can see – one spot is open and many are filled by current officers with other responsibilities. It is our desire to eliminate this overlap and have as many brothers as possible to get involved in our recolonization. This approach will not only eliminate burnout but will also provide a greater experience for all. Please contact me directly if you are willing to fill in an open assignment or are willing to assist one of the officer mentors

Lambda Chi Alpha
Alumni Mentor List

The name of the office is followed by the name of the Alumni Mentor (and a title, if they are involved with the Alumni Association or Housing Corporation).

High Alpha (President) Nick Weisensel (High Pi)
High Beta (Internal Affairs) Jason Steihm
High Theta (External Affairs) Mike Easton (Housing Corporation Ex-Officio)
High Gamma (Secretary) Dave Baumgartner
High Tau (Treasurer) Casey Frisch
High Kappa (Educator) Terry Lawler (HC Ex-Officio)
High Iota (Risk Manager) Rick Lyons
High Delta (Recruitment Chairman) Mark Westphal
High Sigma (Academics) Ryan Treczek
High Rho (Alumni Chairman) Don Reinbold (HC – President)
High Epsilon (Social Chairman) X

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  1. Pokes Says:

    I want to thank everyone for their participation in the present and future activities of bringing Lambda Chi Alpha back to Whitewater! It’s inspiring to see people step up. I look foward to working with everyone in the near future. By all means if there are people who maybe watned one of these positions but were too late, there will be plenty of opprotunities to make a difference in the future of this chapter and it’s associates.

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