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In an effort to keep UW-Whitewater Lambda Chi alumni up to speed on things happening within our Fraternity and with our brothers, we are constantly searching for new ways to connect with you. Our most recent decision was to join one of the latest crazes in social networking, “Twitter.”

Not only is this free service a social-networking tool, but it is also a micro-blogging site. Users can publish short messages, called “tweets,” to update “followers” as to what is going on in their world. Followers (you) can alter your Twitter settings to send a text message directly to your cellphone whenever somebody sends you a message (@yourname) or somebody you’re following “tweets” new information.

For instance, if there is a Housing Corps meeting coming up, we here at UWWLCA.com will tweet that information on Twitter.com/uwwlca. When you log in to your Twitter account, you will see that information on your home page. If you have your account set up to notify you of our tweets, you will also receive that message via text or e-mail.

Another example: Let’s say you and a group of alumni brothers want to get together for a beer in Madison. Tweet the details on your Twitter account with @uwwlca somewhere in that message. The information will be posted for everybody to see when they come to the UWWLCA Twitter page (as well as on their own accounts if they are following you).

The system is extremely versatile, customizable, addicting, and it’s FREE.

If you are a Twitter account holder, already, please follow us by going to Twitter.com/uwwlca. It is a great central location for brothers to come together and keep up to speed on each other’s lives and the Fraternity itself.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me: fuzz@uwwlca.com.

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  1. Jeff Reisdorfer Says:

    Great resource! Thanks for setting up UWWLCA on Twitter, Fuzz!

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