True Brother

Lambda Chi Alpha Headquarters has been busy developing new programs. One of them is the True Brother program. Watch the introduction video (below) made by Brother Chris Barrick (whom Fuzz and I work with on a regular basis with the Cross & Crescent and other projects).

LCA Leadership SeminarThe program is going to be launched at this year’s Stead Leadership Seminar in Memphis, TN. Check out the website (and the logo 😀 ) to learn more.




2 Responses to “True Brother”

  1. pokes Says:

    Hey Claude,

    Do you know of anyone that wants to go cause i’m very interested. I never went to any of these seminars when I was active. I missed out . Would like to go.

  2. Claude Says:

    I don’t know of any Alumni from Whitewater who is planning on attending. Alumni are welcome to attend…it may be a great thing to do, with recolonizing coming up and the need for keeping up with LCA events and programs to help with new members.

    If you make plans to go, let me know and I will put you in touch with some of the guys from HQ.

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