All-Alumni Meeting

A letter from Alumni Association Vice-President, Don Reinbold.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone [on Wednesday July 23rd]. Below is a link to where we will be meeting on Wednesday. I did try to accommodate the driving people have to do. We will meet at 6:00PM in Germantown, WI. And please watch your email on Wednesday for last minute changes if necessary. Please shoot me another email to confirm your attendance. []

Points of Discussion:

1) *Alumni Mentors for Undergraduate Officers* – the Goal is to establish a relationship between the alumni and the undergraduate members, to keep stronger control and oversight, and to spread the responsibility of oversight across several members rather than a single Hi Pi. The assignments may change as we move forward – but we need a starting point and National has asked that this be settled by August so they are in place as we move forward.
If you want to review these positions you can go to – then choose the “undergraduate tab” and the “Officer Resources tab.” There you will find a list of officer positions and their individual responsibilities along with support materials.

2) *Discuss the house and the improvements coming for this fall*. I am pursuing the Home equity line of credit and looking for additional input and to formulate a plan for moving forward.

3) *Housing Corp Meeting / Alumni Association meeting*. There are a few business type discussions that have to take place as we reorganize for moving forward in regards to officer and operating plans for these two organizations. We have generally pushed thee two together into one pot – but as we move forward these two groups will have distinctly different rolls. I will appreciate your input.

Don Reinbold

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