Our Houses, Then & Now

50 years ago, our Delta Kappa Brothers lived in this house…

Delta Kappa House - 1959

But I am unable to find an address or discern its location in Whitewater. Anyone with knowledge of this location (generally or specifically) is encouraged to post a comment or email.

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  1. Aaron Lauzon Says:

    Isnt that the bed and breakfest on the corer of prairie and main across from the sigma house? I am pretty sure it is

  2. claude Says:

    I thought so…but I believe Chris Zimmbrick took a picture of that, and it wasn’t this house…perhaps the one between that and the Delta Zeta House?

    If you can get a picture and address, please send it my way!

  3. Aaron Says:

    Yeah I guess you are right, I know I have scene that house before though! A hunting I will go!

  4. Aaron Ciha Says:

    I think it might be on whiton or cottage, I have seen that house in the yearbook. I don’t remember which year.

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