Chi Delta Rho Official Badge

Chi Delta Rho BadgeI have found an image of the Official Badge of Chi Delta Rho. The badge appears to be an inverted fleur de lee which has the letters Chi Delta Rho in the center. The shape is then outlined by 16 pearls and has a different stone at the nadir (opposite of apex). I would assume the stone to be blue sapphire, as Chi Delta Rho’s colors were Blue and White (the 1st Generation of Chi Delta Rho, as described by the materials from The Central State Teachers College newspaper, The Pointer). The badge is topped by a crown of a King.

The image to the left was scanned from the 1935 issuing of the Central State Teachers College yearbook, The Iris.

If anyone has a Chi Delta Rho Badge and is interested in parting with it, please comment here, I would be very interested in it.

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