Info Leak: Cross & Crescent Alumni features

The Cross & Crescent is released on the 2nd of every month. Here are some of the upcoming features:

July 2008 – A tribute to all of our Brothers who are members of the armed forces. (*note: I have been given the honor of illustrating the cover for this issue, keep an eye out for that!)

Future issues could possibly have features on famous Alumni Members Will Forte and Tito Santana.

Will ForteWill Forte (UCLA) of Saturday Night Live is slated to be featured in an upcoming issue of the Cross & Crescent. I posted an article back in April about Will upon hearing the news from the C&C Staff. Looks like that feature will be coming soon to the Cross & Crescent. Will is currently filming a movie. Although I am not sure which, as the Internet Movie Database lists both A Good Old Fashioned Orgy and The Slammin’ Salmon as both being filmed, under his bio. This interview will be a can’t miss! Lots of exciting news from Brother Forte!

Tito SantanaAlso, Tito Santana (West Texas State University), Professional Wrestling Legend is on the short list to be featured in the Cross & Crescent as well. Actually, until yesterday when I found out about the potential interview in the C&C, I was unaware that Tito Santana was a Chopper! What a great addition to our list of Famous Alumni! I will be looking forward to reading this interview, as I grew up on 80’s-90’s wrestling! Tito Santana was always a great sportsman and competitor…he embodied the essence of the purity of the sport!

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