Info Leak: Lambda Chi Alpha website re-design

You heard it here first, that the National Lambda Chi Alpha website is getting a re-design.

Now, I have an image to share with you, on the potential look & feel of the new site.

Lambda Chi Alpha website concept

This may not be the exact look & feel, but it is the direction that HQ was interested in moving towards. You will notice that important information is a lot easier to access through “tabbed browsing” at the top of the page and in the lower portion of the page. Cross & Crescent articles will be featured on the homepage (the image shown is from the May Issue) and will link to those stories on

My sources tell me the goal is to have the new site launched by General Assembly (July 17, 2008).

Also, the staff at HQ is working overtime pumping out newly designed Paedagogus, Officer Manuals, and a Directory. Oh yes, they also produce the Cross & Crescent every month. Big props to Tad, Chris and the rest of the people who make these things appear seamless!

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