Chi Delta Rho Founders

Chi Delta Rho Fraternity was organized and founded at Central State College (now UW-Stevens Point). Here are the names of 5 of the 9 Founders of Chi Delta Rho Fraternity (Alpha Chapter):

Douglas Robertson (the first President)
Raymond Boyer (the first Vice President)
Jack Frost (the first Secretary)
Weldon Leahy (the first Treasurer)
Elmer Larson

It is also appears that the first 2 pledges of Chi Delta Rho (February 1931) were considered Charter Members, they are:

Edward Luethold
John Murat

There are 2 others yet to discover. Any information on these men is appreciated….my research with UW-Stevens Point continues.

2 Responses to “Chi Delta Rho Founders”

  1. paula Says:

    did someone really name their son Jack Frost??

  2. Jeff Says:

    According to what I have found…yes!
    It would have been around 1910 that he was born…so, perhaps it was a less funny then?

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