Lambda Chi Alpha pins, badges, relics – buyer beware!

I have been collecting Lambda Chi Alpha items for several years now. Recently, I have seen an increase of what appear to be fake Lambda Chi Alpha relics on various auction websites.

About a year ago, I viewed a listing which had between 25-50 miniature Coat of Arms cast in a variety of metallic colors. These miniature Coat of Arms are the same that you would find on a lapel pin. Since this “grab bag” of miniature Coat of Arms was listed (and sold), a variety of “very old” and “rare” Lambda Chi Alpha artifacts have been springing up. I wouldn’t question the authenticity of such items, except for the fact that the common component in 99% of these rare items is a miniature Coat of Arms. This type of item is easy to spot. (Shown below are examples of my opinion of such items).

Coat of Arms PinCoat of Arms CharmCoat of Arms on a Mother of Pearl Cross & Crescent

This is not to suggest that the seller of the item is fabricating their merchandise and then listing it as an authentic piece, it’s very possible they have been tricked as well, or in fact the items may be authentic. My goal is to let other Lambda Chi Alpha collectors, mostly the newer collectors, know: buyer beware.

When in doubt about a rare Lambda Chi Alpha item, take the following steps:
1) Email the seller and ask about the item: How they acquired it, where they live, what school it may have been from, etc.
2) If they claim to be a Lambda Chi, ask questions that would confirm this.
3) If you are still in doubt, do some research online or talk with some other Lambda Chi Alpha collectors.
4) If no one else has bid on it & seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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