From the desk of the High Pi: The Future of Our Chapter

High Pi: Nick WeisenselDear Brothers,
My name is Nick Weisensel, and as many of you know, I have been chosen as the new Alumni Advisor (High Pi) for our Chapter in Whitewater. First, thank you for this opportunity, it means the world to me. I am very excited to be the next Alumni Advisor for Lambda-Iota Zeta. To assume the role that our Brother Tom Boelk as held for over 2 decades is a daunting task to say the least. Let Tom’s giving of himself serve as an example and inspiration to what it means to be a True Brother and Active Alumni Member. My goal is that when I am succeeded by another High Pi, that my name be mentioned with the same reverence as that of Tom Boelk.

Brothers, we are experiencing a very exciting time in our Chapter’s history. Lambda Chi Alpha is returning to Whitewater’s campus because of the reputation that all of us have helped build throughout it tenure. I ask all of you as Alumni Members to help continue this tradition, to assist in passing the tradition of Lambda Chi Alpha on to our new Associate Members in the coming year. When I envision our Fraternity back on campus, I see a Chapter not just of Active Members, but of Alumni Brothers as well.

I want to thank every Alumni Member who has stuck it out during the last three years and put in all of the work so that each of us have a Lambda Chi Alpha Chapter to visit and enjoy. I also want to thank Paula Mohan for all the hard work that she has put forth on our behalf. To see the passion that she has for our Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha continues to be an inspiration.

I would like to take this opportunity to discuss something that I believe is essential to the success of our Chapter’s future. When I took Tom Boelk’s place at the Lambda Chi Alpha Leadership Seminar in January, I learned a lot about how the Lambda Chi Chapters are set up and designed to operate. Presenters said that the Chapters are the Active Members Chapters. I find a major flaw in that type of thinking. I envision Lambda-Iota Zeta as a Brother’s Chapter. Where Active Members serve for the good of the local functioning, and where Alumni are also actively involved. I realize that the Actives are in charge of everyday Chapter operations, but there is no reason for them to be in it all alone. If we are truly to be the best Fraternity and Chapter not only on Whitewaters campus but in the nation, we need everyone’s involvement. I challenge each of you to be the best Brother you can possibly be.

My promise to each of you is that we will be a united Chapter of both Active and Alumnus Members. Whether it is helping out at charity events, taking part in the Alumni Mentor Program, serving on the Alumni Association Board or Housing Corporation, I pledge to you that there will be many opportunities for each of us to make an impact with our new Chapter. This is your chance to make a difference, and I truly look forward to leading our united Chapter this fall. Now is our chance to take the good and leave the bad, and reaffirm our commitment to the best organization in the world and the best Chapter in the Nation!

Lambda Chi Alpha: Lambda-Iota Zeta

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