Famous Lambda Chi Alpha Member: Will Forte

Will ForteFans of Saturday Night Live will be pleased to learn that Will Forte is a Lambda Chi Alpha Alum from our UCLA Chapter, Epsilon-Sigma. (The now inactive UCLA Chapter is also home to soccer/football star Cobi Jones.)

From NBC.com
Will Forte is in his sixth season on “Saturday Night Live.”

Forte has appeared in many memorable sketches, most recently taking on the role of President George W. Bush. This past season, Forte showcased his singing talents as an unhinged “Fly High Duluth” band leader with a penchant for chugging Jack Daniels. He’s created lasting characters in “The Falconer” – the once-successful executive who’s mysteriously chosen to live in the woods with his faithful falcon, Donald – and the (very) soft-spoken politician, Tim Calhoun. Forte is also a regular on the show’s recurring “Hardball” sketch as the ranting, vein-popping former Senator Zell Miller.


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