Business Meeting Recap: 6/5/07

The following notes are in reference to the Lambda Chi Alpha (Lambda Iota-Zeta) Recolonizing Business Meeting that took place in Whitewater on June 5, 2007. The notes are provided by our Academic Advisor, Paula Mohan.

We discussed the re-colonization process and the timeline in which it will happen. All of the university staff are happy to welcome back the fraternity as of August 2007, but the internationals may want to wait until all of the undergraduates have graduated. To find out the specifics of the timeline they envision and how the process will take place, Marty will be contacting the internationals with a few dates to see when someone from chapter services might be able to come to Whitewater and meet with the alumni. We’re hoping to hold this meeting in late September 2007, somewhere on the UWW campus. All the university staff members who deal with Greek organizations- Dr. Barbara Jones, Dr. Tisa Mason, Ms. Mary Beth Mackin, Ms. Jan Bilgen, and Ron Buchholz- will also be invited and asked for their input. Once we hear from the internationals, we’ll book a date and a location, and will advertise it widely so that as many alumni as possible can attend it.

We also got progress reports on the chapter house. The immediate renovations were all done and the house looks great, thanks to the efforts and organization of the House Corps. It’s been re-carpeted, repainted, and the kitchen floor was retiled-(thanks to Deb and Don Reinbold). The house is currently being rented by some undergraduates and revenue is coming in- thanks to Tom Boelk’s efforts.

We also discussed the importance of involving more alumni in the alumni association and its activities. Red Moeller suggested getting alumni delegates from each decade and using each of them to network with the fraternity brother from their era. The 1990’s are well-represented, but it would help to have more representation from the 1970’s and early 1980’s. Red volunteered to be the contact person for the Chi Delta Rho members and those Lambda Chi Alphas from the 1960’s. Pokes suggested also organizing alumni members from different regions as another way to involve more members, especially organizing activities in Milwaukee and Madison and maybe doing some social activities, too.

As soon as we have a date selected for the recolonization summit, we’ll have to schedule some planning meetings for later this summer. We’ll make sure to post them on the website and will send them out through our email group list. If anyone would like to get included in those group emails, please send your email to:

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  1. pokes Says:

    thank you Paula for everything!

  2. paula mohan Says:

    hey Pokes,

    I’m looking forward to going on the ‘pub crawl’ on your birthday. Let’s hope we can get a nice crowd to come along.

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