Return to Whitewater

So, what happens next?

First the Dean of Students needs to approve our return.

Pending that approval, a visit from our International Headquarters Recruiting Team to put together an interest group on campus. The goal is to get a group of 20 men who would be the new base of Lambda Chi Alpha in Whitewater. From there, the Colony Process begins.

When can all of this start?

The Recruitment Team will be on campus starting Sept. 20th, 2008. There are more specific details about the timeline, which will be presented in a future post.

At the point where we have a group of men who are the new “Chapter” (Colony), the following process can be started in aims of re-securing our Charter and thereby having an Active Chapter. All of this information is putting the cart before the horse, a little bit, but it does give you an idea of the minimum number of men we need to get the Colony a Charter; as well as other guidelines and standards to be met.

Before a colony many petition for a charter, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

1. The colony must secure three favorable letters of recommendation from chapters in the colony’s region.

2. The colony must submit monthly progress reports to the Office of Administration outlining its development and progress toward chartering.

3. The colony must have on hand sufficient funds for the anticipated expense of its future installation.

4. The colony’s membership, active and associate, must be at least equal to the campus average for fraternities or 40, whichever is smaller, though never below 20.

(from this UW-W Report on Greek Status, it appears for 2007, the average # of Greek Men (who belong to the International Fraternity Council) per Chapter is 29…but those numbers may be different and our requirements may be a little lower)

5. The colony must achieve a scholastic GPA greater than the all-men’s average and all-fraternity average for the campus (if this information is available). The colony must enforce the academic standards as stated in the Constitution and Statutory Code.

(Here is a link to UW-W’s report on Greek & All Campus GPA’s for the last 7 years)

6. At least 80 percent of the members must be engaged in extracurricular activities, excluding intramurals.

7. The colony must be financially solvent, have an adequate accounting system that provides monthly statements of operations to the Office of Administration, and operate under a budget approved by the Officer of Administration.

8. A reserve fund accumulated through payments of at least $2.50 per man per month ($4.00 for colonies with houses) must be established and maintained, and it must be held and controlled by the official alumni organization.

9. The colony must have possession and ownership of all ritual equipment.

10. The colony must have an officially appointed advisor (High Pi), and an established alumni organization of at least three members formed and functioning.

(Brother Nick Weisensel is the new High Pi for Lambda-Iota Zeta).

11. The colony must operate under a set of bylaws approved by the General Fraternity and enforce all laws of the Fraternity as stated in the Constitution and Statutory Code.

12. The colony must have at least one representative at every General Assembly and Leadership Seminar, and two representatives at all regional meetings in its respective conclave area, throughout the colonization period.

13. The colony must have its house or lodge inspected annually by a professionally certifies fire marshal.

14. The colony must implement and maintain the Standards for Chapter Excellence program of the General Fraternity, including the appointment or election of a standards chairman.

(Here is a link to UW-W’s report on Greek Standards from a year ago, (and here is a link to how the Greek Standards are judged by UWW)…this is independent of the Lambda Chi Alpha’s Chapter Excellence Program. But it should display to you how Greek Standards on UWW need to be brought up. Implementation of the LCA Chapter Excellence will bring our Colony much success in this.)

15. The colony must maintain continuous operation for at least one calendar year from the date of its origin until the proposed date of its chartering.

If these standards have not been fulfilled within 24 calendar months from the official date of colonization, the International Board of Directors may, at its discretion, declare a colony inactive and cause suspension of operations.

Once the colony has successfully completed the enumerated standards, it must submit to the international Board of Directors a written petition for chartering and also a “3-Year Plan” of operational excellence, attested to by a general fraternity officer or staff member, and accompanied by letters of recommendation from three area chapters.

The actual chartering ceremony takes place eight to twelve weeks after approval has been granted. The chartering ceremony is a black-tie event for all fraternity members. The ceremony typically includes campus officials, Greek leaders, as well as family and friends of the members.
Upon chartering, a new chapter must submit to the headquarters a written set of goals and a budget covering its first year of operation as a chapter. The new chapter will also continue to submit monthly financial and operating reports through the full year following chartering.

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