Homecoming 1961-1962

Many thanks to our Chi Delta Rho Brother Hugh Foy for sending these great color photos from Whitewater Homecoming 1961-1962.

Chi Delta Rho House Grilling Float 1 Float 2 Float 3 Hugh and Don

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  1. Jeff Reisdorfer Says:

    This is a comment that was sent to some via email, about these photos:

    “I noticed the beverage of choice was orange soda…
    we have a long tradition in the fraternity of orange soda
    can’t imagine how we managed to get on probation and then off campus with a history of orange soda….

    I am anxious for a report on the Ap 10 meeting…
    so proud of all of you on the task force to get our fraternity back on the Whitewater campus

    I do plan to return to campus for the re-chartering event whenever that is in the no too distant future…

    Terry Esrael
    Lambda Iota 100 class of 1967
    and a proud Chi Delta Rho too…..”

  2. Dennis Kelley Says:

    I remember designing/building the fraternity house entry for homecoming. We borrowed most of the lumber from a local construction site. I would like to hear from my past brothers. I retired as an Officer in the Air Force and later worked in senior leadership position with GM Hughes Aircraft (Howard Hughes Empire) and Raytheon Corporation retiring from both aerospace firms and living in California.

    I can be reached at chooser@earthlink.net

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