Expansion Committee Presentation: April 10th

Lambda Chi Alpha : Lambda-Iota Zeta

Brother Martin HokeAn open letter from Brother Martin Hoke, Lambda-Iota Alumni Association President.

The Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Alumni Association will meet before the University Expansion Committee on Thursday, April 10th, 2008, at 6:30- 7:00 pm to officially petition to return to campus. The meeting will be held in Room 268 of the University Center.

The presentation compiled by Jeff Reisdorfer will be delivered by me, Martin Hoke-Alumni Association President. After the presentation, members of the Expansion Committee will ask questions, and then another fraternity, also hoping to return to campus after a long hiatus (since 1970), Sigma Tau Gamma, will do their presentation. The Committee will deliberate, and the final recommendation of the Committee will be reached later that evening.

There will be an audience area set up for those people not directly involved with the presentation, for those who want to attend. We also hope to have it taped for those who cannot attend.

Dress is professional. Please email me, Marty Hoke, with questions. (mhoke@uline.com)

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