NCAA Tournament Challenge: Winners!

Tourney Pickem 08

Congratulations to the following Brothers who were the Top 3 finishers in the NCAA March Madness Tournament Challenge:

1) Trent Olsen (AKA: one of my Little Bro’s!) with 132 points (42 of 63 picks correct)

2) CJ Kactro with 122 points (42 of 63 picks correct)

3) Jeff Reisdorfer (me) with 105 points (43 of 63 picks correct)

Trent and CJ will both be awarded a Lambda Chi Alpha t-shirt of their choice from The Chop Shop (, my Lambda Chi Alpha Apparel shop-site.

The Chop Shop
Had it not been for that final 3-pointer by Kansas at the end of regulation, the standings would have been much different! Thanks to all of the Brothers who participated in this free contest. Be sure to visit the site regularly to learn of other contests where you can win prizes for free!

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