Trip to Oklahoma City & OKCU

I was in Oklahoma City last week for a conference and was able to visit our Brothers at Theta-Delta at Oklahoma City University. Their house reminded me very much of our house, except that it was made of brick and was only 1 story (and a basement). Other than that, it was pretty much like being back in Whitewater. Many thanks to Chapter President Matt Schultz for taking the time to give me tour of the house.

(*Note: My apologies for blurry photos…my flash wasn’t working as well as I had hoped. I was told that the house had not been cleaned since Sunday evening, which explains the disarray of the living room/hallway).

Front of the house The front of the Oklahoma City University House
Entrance Tiling A mosaic tiled Lambda Chi Alpha greets all those who enter the house

Livingroom left When standing in the living room, looking left
Livingroom Right When standing in the living room, looking left
Coat of Arms and Crescent An original painted Coat of Arms. (*Note the Crescent hanging above it). When standing in the living room, looking forward
Hallway left When standing in the hallway, looking left
Hallway right When standing in the hallway, looking right
The Pit At the end of the hall (on the right) is “The Pit”. A socializing room with this great flat-screen tv. The LXA below it is where they lock up their electronics at night, to deter thieves.
LCA poster In “The Pit”, a picture of an original Lambda Chi Alpha poster (1 of 15? left I think Mark said).
The Goat In “The Pit”, a portrait of “The Goat”
C&C Table A Cross & Crescent on a table in the galley
Coat of Arms to basement A Coat of Arms leading to the basement
Red Coat of Arms A Coat of Arms painted in red and silver, a tribute to Theta-Delta’s roots. They were originally a Theta Kappa Nu Chapter, and on OKCU since 1904.
Theta Delta Flag The original Theta-Delta Zeta flag, faded from years of use.
Graffiti Graffiti in the laundry room. Does this look familiar?
Oklahoma City Memorial The 9:01 gate from the Oklahoma City Memorial

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