Business Meeting & Recolonization Summit

Below is a letter from Paula Mohan regarding the next business meeting and recolonization efforts:

Hi everyone,
We’d like to hold another business meeting on tuesday, june 5th, at 7;00 pm in Whitewater to discuss the recolonization process, to catch up on the latest news, and to plan for a general meeting in August between alumni, university officials, and representatives from Internationals. We’ll be meeting in 2013 Winther Hall. Winther is located on Prairie Street and parking is free in lot 14- (accessible from both Starin Rd and Prairie Street)- after 6:00 pm. (See map for details: Because there is a lot of construction taking place on campus, Starin Rd will be closed periodically, so be prepared for that possibility if you come in that way).

The meeting between the alumni, internationals, and university officials that we hope to plan for August 2007 will officially kick off the recolonization process and will solidify the commitment of everyone involved to re-open the chapter. Beyond that, having everyone in the same room, at the same time, will mean that we can find out the expectations and concerns that both internationals and the university have about recolonizing and maybe more importantly, the alumni can witness and be brought into the conversation about how this is all going to happen and can influence some of the decisions about how this will all play out.

But, this “summit” in august will take some planning. University officials have said that they aren’t sure what their procedures are for recolonizing since it is rare for a fraternity to come back so soon and so they have revamp their existing protocols. The internationals will have a lot of information about how the recolonization process will actually happen and what role they expect the alumni to play in it. At this point, things still seem pretty abstract.

So, much of what this business meeting will concern is the planning process for the meeting in August. We hope you can make it. Any questions, concerns, please email me or Marty. ( or



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  1. pokes Says:

    Hey Paula

    I will try to get as many of the brothers in Madison to come as possible. If we are going to be successful with this I believe that we are going to need a lot bigger alumni pool to pull from than just the core of alumni that have been helping recently. I will try to take it on my shoulders to get everyone in Madison organized so that we are all on the same page and can help as much as possible. It would be nice to see the younger guys carry their weight as much as the older alumni.

    LI-Z 805

  2. claude Says:

    Sounds great Nick!
    If you need a list of guys in the Madison area, drop me a line and I will give you all of the contacts that we have.

    LI-Z 744

  3. paula Says:

    Pokes, you’re awesome!!! Thank you so much. I’m in Madison, too, and we’ll have to do a madison-area alumni event some weekend night, too.


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