UW-W Lambda Chi Alpha Day

Today is the day that Lambda Chi Alpha was installed at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. In 1965, Chi Delta Rho Social Fraternity was given a Charter by Lambda Chi Alpha International Fraternity.

Our Fraternity has been on the campus of UW-Whitewater since 1929, before it was even known as UW-W. We have the largest population of Fraternity Alumni on campus! That is something to be commended. Cheers to you all!

Many thanks to all of our Beta Kappa Nu, Delta Kappa, Chi Delta Rho, and Lambda Chi Alpha Brothers for staying strong and providing a solid future for us at the University! (And also for representing at our meeting with the University Expansion Committee last week).

To honor this day, enjoy this selection, Hymn to Lambda Chi, from the Year of The Brother CD that was originally distributed at General Assembly, 1996. (You can download the entire cd from LambdaChi.org)

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