Business Meeting: April 1

think.jpgThe Alumni Association will be scheduling a business meeting for:
Tuesday, April 1, 2008
7:00 pm
215 Hyer Hall

Try to make it to this meeting, if you can, since it will be an important strategy planning meeting. Things are beginning to happen pretty quickly as we move closer to colonization and there are a number of important meetings coming up in the next few weeks/months: meeting with university officials, the presentation before the expansion committee,and a visit with the HQ guys. It is an especially important meeting for those who are on the alumni advisory board, so try to make it if you can. Even if you’ve been unable to make meetings recently, we can bring you up to speed in this meeting.


1.) report on progress of application for colonization to expansion committee

2.) preparation for meeting with university officials, re-scheduled for 4/15/08.

3.) report on new features on the alumni website from Jeff Reisdorfer, i.e., FAQ on colonizing process, fundraising efforts, etc., and the facebook group to help with recruiting.

4.) any new business

Any questions or concerns, please email Alumni Association Presdient Marty Hoke ( or Academic Advisor Paula Mohan (

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