Free Lambda Chi Alpha email…and more!

Chopper Apps

Having taken advantage of Google’s newest selection of tools for Organizations, we are now offering the following for all of our Members:

  • Custom email accounts (6 Gigabytes of space with a email address)
  • Online Chatting with other Members
  • Custom webpages (Create and publish your own useful, attractive web page in just minutes)
  • Online collaborative workspaces (upload files and converse about projects)
  • Personal and collaborative Calendars (it’s easy to keep track of all your life’s important events)
  • Rich Document Applications (Create documents, spreadsheets and presentations online; or upload your Micro$oft documents and start working with them!)
  • You need to email me (or Fuzz) to get set up with an account. Use the Contact Us Page (in the right hand navigation to email me) or email me ( to get an account set up for yourself. You can also just comment on this thread and I will get in touch with you.

    ..You can always find a link to Chopper Apps in the right-hand navigation, using this button:

    Chopper Apps

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