Salute to our Brothers

SaluteToday, we celebrate Memorial Day. This post is a tribute to our Whitewater Brothers who have served our Country with Pride and Honor.

This is the list we have, but it is incomplete (I also apologize if your info/order is listed incorrectly, please send corrections!). Please comment to this post with the names, Iota numbers, services, and branches of our Brothers (CDR, DK, and LCA) who have served America with bravery and honor.

From Chi Delta Rho, Delta Kappa, and Lambda Chi Alpha Brothers, we recognize:

Joseph Adamson: Wisconsin Army National Guard/Iraq
Peter Agerholm: United States Marine Corps
Mike Fitzsimmons: United States Navy
Jerry Perez: United States Army
Garrett Kucifer
Michael Ramig: Wisconsin Army National Guard/Iraq
Darren Hafford: Wisconsin Army National Guard/Bosnia
Pat Sykes: Wisconsin Army National Guard/Iraq
Leo Cross
Gary Garber: Wisconsin Army National Guard/Iraq
Matthew Nelson: United States Marine Corps
Michael Terpstra: United States Marine Corps
Tim Bein: Iraq
Jonathan Nathan: United States Army, Fort Carson, CO (LI-905)

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  1. Jonathan Says:

    PFC Jonathan Nathan, LI-Z 905, United States Army, Fort Carson, CO

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