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To get our Alumni site going again, I will let everyone out there know what Fuzz and I are up to in terms of Lambda Chi.

For those that didn’t know, the Cross and Crescent Magazine moved over to an electronic publication in November of 2005. Since the beginning, Fuzz and I have been involved. Cross & Crescent Editor and IT Director at LCA HQ, Jason Pearce, tapped me to help with the design of the C&C website as well as the layout of the .pdf version of the Magazine. I have also helped on and off with image editing, illustration, and layout work. In December of 2005, Fuzz and I had the idea to put the C&C into a Podcast format. Lambda Chi Alpha became the first Fraternity to have their Magazine online as well as in a Podcast format. Fuzz has been the voice of the Cross & Crescent ever since.

I am also involved with Lambda Chi’s Graphics Committee which has been taking on the task of getting LCA’s logos, marks, symbols, and other imagery in a clean vector format. Most recently, I was given the opportunity to create the logo for the 2007 Leadership Seminar.

Fuzz and I both credit Lambda Chi Alpha for giving us opportunities and abilities that we would never have had if not for joining. From all of our Brothers who encouraged us, helped us with our scholastics, provided a sane (?) place to live, and being surrounded by people care about each other, Fuzz and I feel blessed to be where we are today and want to give back as much as possible to each of you and Lambda Chi.

Without further a-do, we give you the new UWWLCA.com

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  1. Jason Pearce Says:

    Nice work with this website Jeff and Fuzz. More so, thanks for all of the hard work, talent, and hours you continue to contribute as volunteers. Lambda Chi Alpha’s magazine and artwork owe you a debt of gratitude.

    In ZAX,
    Jason Pearce (Elon 1994)
    Dir of IT & Communications

  2. OMG Says:

    you did not set Porcelain tile with crappy Omnigrip mastic I hope.

    that’s a floor failure waiting to happen!

  3. klinge 537 Says:

    Tell me how to get in touch with Boelk jdk

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