The final photo of Alpha-Beta Zeta at UW-Madison

Here’s a photo I dug up from “The Badger”, the official University of Wisconsin (Madison) yearbook. It’s a 1969 entry for Lambda Chi Alpha’s Alpha-Beta Chapter. The Chapter was removed from campus in 1968…yet they managed to gain entry to the college yearbook the following year.

Alpha-Beta 1969

Alpha-Beta 1969 legendThe entry that goes with the photo reads:

National expose’s have drive the Mafia underground, only to reemerge by infiltration of such a fine, upstanding, high-principled, God-fearing group as the Lambda Chi Alpha’s. Whether wearing sunglasses or standing symbolocally behind a barred window, these fellows fit right in at the annual Casino party. In order to keep up a good front, they’ve even taken to playing football, basketball, softball, badmitton, and organizing entertainment for inmates of Central Colony in the spring. Still, it does look a little odd when they all stay indoors ever St. Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Fuzz Says:

    Awesome find, Jeff!

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