CANCELED!: Meeting with University Officials: February 26

UPDATE: (from Paula Mohan): We are cancelling the meeting between university officials and the Lambda Chi alumni scheduled for Tuesday, 2/26/08, because of the storm that will be hitting all of Southern Wisconsin on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, 2/26/08, at 6:30-7:30 pm, Room 275B in the new University Center, the members of the Alumni Association are invited to a meeting with the three University Officials who will work most closely with the new Colony, once it is approved. Everyone is invited, Chi Delta Rho and Delta Kappa Alumni, included.

We’ll be meeting with:

Jan Bilgen, the Associate Director of the Leadership Center, who is the person that Greeks deal with most directly on Greek standards, membership issues, etc. She also will chair the expansion committee which will approve the return of the Fraternity to campus.

Mary Beth Mackin, the Associate Dean of Student Life. She is the chief judicial officer of the University and rules on all sanctions against Chapters and their members.

Ron Buchholz, the Director of the Career Services & Leadership Development. Ron is Jan’s superior and the third person who is consulted on issues dealing with greek orgs.

The agenda for the meeting is to allow:

a.) A discussion between Alumni members and the University officials about any concerns either group would have about the Chapter coming back
b.) To allow any Alumni member to ask specific questions about any part of the procedures of expansion or Colonization, or anything else he is concerned about
c.) To allow the University officials to meet you all and see the seriousness and the commitment you’re showing to restoring a healthy and viable Chapter
d.) Anything other concern anyone has that s/he would like to raise in this meeting that would be relevant.

Please email our Academic Advisor, Paula Mohan ( if you have any questions or concerns about this meeting. She has spear-headed all of our meetings with the University.

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