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LinkedInSocial-networking websites are all the rage, nowadays. The two front-runners on the social-networking scene, MySpace and Facebook, feature an open, fun, and rather sophomoric approach to networking. Emerging through the online networking ranks, however, is a website called “LinkedIn” — and it’s strictly business.

LinkedIn allows you to post your career profile, network with other players in your field, keep tabs on colleagues and former employees, find jobs, find employees, and catch up with those whom you used to go to school with and/or work with.

As business in America becomes more and more of a who-you-know-not-what-you-know venture, utilizing all of the networking tools at your disposal is vital to your success. If you’re already LinkedIn, I urge you to post your LinkedIn profile link in the comment section, below. If you’re not linked in, I highly recommend that you set up your completely free profile today and link with as many brothers and former college acquaintances as you can.

My LinkedIn profile: Michael “Fuzz” Martin (LI-819)

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