NCAA Tournament Challenge

NCAA Basketball

Just as we did with the Superbowl, we are setting up a NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket Challenge. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 finishers. And everyone along the way can enjoy the rabble-rousing on the league message board!

I will post complete instructions on how to join our “League” of tournament play when Yahoo! opens their NCAA Tournament section. Everyone is encouraged to enter. There is no cost. Because we will be using Yahoo! Sports as the League Home… you need to create a Yahoo account to participate.

Many thanks to Brother Garrett O’Reilly who suggested Yahoo!, as it is the best to “view everyone in our group’s picks and to talk trash on a group-specific message board.”

2 Responses to “NCAA Tournament Challenge”

  1. Pokes Says:

    that is a great idea. I am going to really enjoy handing Garret his lunch. Let the trash talking begin.

  2. Garrett Says:

    Bring it on Pokes!

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