A call to our Brothers, it is time to serve

Marty HokeA letter from our Alumni Association President, Martin Hoke as an addendum to Faculty Advisor Paula Mohan’s request for Alumni Advisory
Board Members.

Some of us attend all the meetings and have been keeping “The Dream” alive since the suspension. Others have not shown as much commitment. I would like to see as many of our Brothers sign on for this important piece to our re-colonization. This is *OUR* fraternity. It is time for everyone who has not been involved since the time of suspension to stand up and take action as we near re-colonization in Whitewater. I have served as Alumni President since the suspension, have attended all the meetings and have attended all the functions (fun and not fun), and I am willing to serve on this important board.

My goal is not to guilt anyone into this effort, but let you all know that the more people we have involved, the less the burden will be on the highly committed few of the past. Please remember what Lambda Chi Alpha means to you and how it has affected your life–please let your conscience guide you in keeping our awesome organization alive and prosperous for future generations. I can only hope that some day my two sons, Ryan and Bryce, will become members of Lambda Chi Alpha, the best fraternity in the world.

I challenge each of you to join me in giving back to the organization that has meant so much to each of us!

If you accept my challenge, please email our Academic Advisor Paula Mohan (mohanp@uww.edu), who is submitting the application to the University.

Martin Hoke
Alumni Association President

A letter from our Faculty Advisor Paula Mohan requesting volunteers for
Alumni Advisory Board Members.

We need to know the names and contact info-(phone number, email, snail mail address)- of every Alumni member who is willing to serve on the alumni advisory board.

Agreeing to serve on the Alumni Advisory Board means that you would be designated as a potential contact person for someone at the University to reach if an issue rises up over the active chapter, once the colony is established. While it’s unlikely that this would happen often or that every member would be contacted on every occasion, anyone volunteering should be aware of that responsibility. If you live far away and are over-committed already, you probably should choose not to do this. On the other hand, the more people who share this responsibility, the less heavy the burden.

If you are willing to serve on this board, please send your information as soon as you can-(in the next few days, certainly)- so that we can submit the application and begin the process that will move the Fraternity towards Colonization.

Professor Paula Mohan
Lambda Chi Alpha Academic Advisor

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  1. Casey Frisch Says:

    I would be happy to help out.

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