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WikipediaI have begun the process of adding Chi Delta Rho as an official entry in Wikipedia.

If anyone can offer any important information about Chi Delta Rho, please comment here or use the Contact Us page to send me a message with the relevant information.

Things I am looking for:
– A list of all Chapters (schools)
– Official Colors, Mottos, Slogans, Values, etc
– Was there a headquarters?

…I am planning to add a Delta Kappa entry to Wikipedia as well, once the Chi Delta Rho page is underway and has some “guts” to it.

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  1. Jeff Says:

    Here is little bit of an update to some of my findings…

    I have contacted the Milton College Preservation Society and am working with one of their archivists who has undertaken the process of scanning and sending photos, news clippings and other items from the Gamma Chapter of Chi Delta Rho which was at Milton College.

    Many of our Chi Delta Rho Brothers may recognize people from these images (which will be posted in the coming weeks).

    Also, it has given me the best look at the Chi Delta Rho Coat of Arms…which will also be added to the site (outside of the patch, which is now shown in the Wikipedia entry).

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