Website additions

Just a quick update on additions to the website.

We just added a Contact Us page. Now you can email us with Alumni Updates, Births, Marriages, and general Alumni communication. Just click into the Contact Us page (see the navigation in the right column), choose a recipient and then fire off the message. It’s that simple.

Also, a lot of you have been emailing me asking when events are happening, etc. I realize that not everyone uses Facebook (where we are posting all Alumni Association meetings, etc) and not everyone has time to browse the website for updates…that is why we have added a new Events Calendar page (also in the right navigation). At this time, we are adding in all Alumni Association meetings and other important events relating to Recolonizing. You will also see some Birthdays listed. At this time, this is a short list. We hope to have it automated and include EVERYONE that we have listed on the roster, shortly. If you have events you would like added to the calendar, use the Contact Us page to make the suggestion.

Thanks for making the website great and continuing to give ideas and suggestions to make it better!

Jeff “Claude” Reisdorfe

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