In Memory: Andrew Ullrich

We would like to use this post as an open memorial to Andy. If you have a memorial you would like to share publicly, please post it in the Comments section of this post to be preserved.

Also, we are including a video slideshow of Brother Andrew Ullrich. Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures to honor Andrew.

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*UPDATE: I have changed the file from a .mov (MPG) to this Flash Player, as some people were having troubles viewing the video slideshow.

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  1. Jeff Says:

    Andy was a great Brother to Lambda Chi Alpha…we had corresponded in the summer and fall of 2007, Andy was doing research for the Alumni Association on the history of our organization in Whitewater.

    Andy always spoke with such passion and heart when it came to Lambda Chi Alpha. Even though we never met in person, I always pictured Andy as a “Little Brother” to me.

  2. anthony salomone Says:

    andy was a good friend and he always had a smile on his face i never him after we left high school but after we graduate from menomonee falls high school i seen him at falls fest and other things thank u andrew for everything goodbye andrew) rest in peace i see u again

  3. Mandy Says:

    I was lucky enough to know Andy both in and out of his role as a brother at Lambda. I was in English with Andy for 2 years, and we had been partnered up on the first day of class. Since my boyfriend (and now husband) was an active member of Lambda, I had asked Andy to stop by sometime and check it out. He told me he didn’t know because he felt like such a geek (I believe his words were “who would ever take me”). I remember walking into English the next day and seeing him smiling from ear to ear. He was so happy to have met such great guys the night before, and he was genuinely greatful for giving him that last push.

    Lambda meant the world to Andy. We had COUNTLESS conversations about it during English, and I swear every single time he was smiling. He was everything I know Lambda to be: genuine, kind, and a true gentleman. He is certainly missed.

  4. Adam Honey Says:

    Andy “Quarters” Ullrich was a stand up guy. It would be impossible to find someone that has anything bad to say about him. When you needed someone, he would be the first one there.

    He was one of the most dedicated brothers I have known in my short time with the fraternity and wanted nothing more but to help get us back on campus.

    Anyone that got to know Andy on a personal level, or even just got to meet him on occasion, was a better person because of him.

    Andy knew the true meaning of brotherhood and lived his life to the fullest. While he will be missed that all who knew him, he gave each and every one of us memories that we will cherish forever.

  5. paula mohan Says:

    When Andy smiled, his mouth formed a perfect U with the corners almost reaching his earlobes- or so it seemed. And, he liked to smile and always did when he talked about what it meant to be lambda chi. Andy connected being in the fraternity with very concrete things- wearing his letters, hanging out with his brothers, going to leadership conferences, and working on the chapter house or the grounds. No one nurtured that property more than Andy and he never viewed its upkeep as a chore, but as a privilege. When he was sad and lost after the suspension, Andy would just go over and work on the house, or the lawn on his own. He couldn’t have tended it more carefully if it had been his own property.

    Andy was quiet, completely trustworthy, without any duplicity in his nature at all, and clearly one of the most stubborn and unshakeable people i’ve ever met. If he was committed to something and he knew he was right, you couldn’t sway him, and he was utterly clear in that he had done nothing wrong as a fraternity member, and therefore, should be allowed to be an active member of the new colony, when the suspension ended.

    “I’m not a bad apple”, he always repeated when we had- yet another- conversation about the unlikelihood that he would be allowed back in. It was just that clear-cut for him- he knew that he would only bring good things to the new colony and he wanted the right to actively participate in all fraternity practices and teach new pledges lambda chi values. Andy could not accept that he was part of the ‘collateral damage’ of the suspension, guilty or not. Both Tom Boelk and I told him countless times not to expect to be let back in, that it wasn’t fair, but just was the way things were. Andy would listen carefully and then repeat “but I’m not a bad apple and that’s not right”. Finally, both Tom and I told him to go ahead and contact HQ and make his case- and then his perfect U-shaped smile would emerge again. Andy had faith that good things would prevail in the end- they simply had to- and he was willing to work as hard and as long as he needed to make that happen. And, if anyone could have gotten back in as an undergrad, it would have been Andy.

    And, he was right. He wasn’t a ‘bad apple’, but lived up to his ideals as best as he could and truly saw it as a life-time commitment. Andy was a great example of integrity and idealism to us all and he’ll be missed by all that knew him.

  6. Anna Ullrich Says:

    It took me this long to find this awesome video tribute and great words to Andy. I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face remembering the times that these pictures were taken and what a great brother I had/have still. He is still around here with my family and all of us, the signs are numerous. Finding quarters lying on the ground in many places we go, hearing his song “Carry on my wayward son” on the radio, seeing Elvis all over the place… It is such a different place without you here and you left a mark that will stay forever in our hearts and minds and memories. The tress and plaques planted and dedicated in your honor are so well deserved. I love you my Brother Andy Quarters Ullrich. The slideshow is beautiful. Thank you! Keep watching over us and looking down and protecting your little sister.. 🙂

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