New website format

In an attempt to better deliver information to all University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Lambda Chi Alpha Alumni, Fuzz and I have changed the format of to a blog. This will allow for:

-A variety of contributors
-Easy content search
-More information driven content
-Better delivery of important information

We are looking for content in the following areas:

-Alumni personal news (Career advancement, marriages, births, etc)
-Alumni group events
-Alumni sightings
-Interesting Lambda Chi (National) news
-Interesting Whitewater news
-Monthly featured Alumni profile

Of course, we are always open to new ideas and featured content. If you are interested in writing content for the website or have ideas for pieces, please email Jeff or Fuzz.

One Response to “New website format”

  1. Willy Says:

    Clark & Fuzz,
    Really well done. I loved the ability to slander everyone on the old version of the website, but comparatively, the free-for-all format of the old one might have contributed to its lack of use. The current format will encourage those of us who are just looking for updated news of the chapter(or lack thereof) to actually check in once in a while.

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