Business Meeting: February 5

think.jpgThere is an Alumni Association Business Meeting scheduled for:

Tuesday, February 5, 2008
7:00 pm, 213 Hyer Hall




***NOTICE: The meeting has been cancelled due to an approaching snowstorm. The meeting will be rescheduled. The current agenda will be covered at the rescheduled meeting.

1.) Report from Nick Weisensel on the Winter Leadership Retreat in Texas
2.) Completing the application packet for colonization to submit to the University Expansion Committee-(target date, early February 2008).
3.) Details on upcoming meeting with University officials and Alumni
4.) Any other new business

Alumni Association President, Marty Hoke, has made contact with Brett Baker, the Associate Director of Chapter Services, who will be helping to coordinate the colonization effort. Brett is compiling the bulk of the material needed for the application form, but some of it can only be done by our local Alumni. Our goal is to complete the application as soon as possible to submit to the Expansion Committee which we are eligible to do in February 2008.

The sooner the application is submitted, the sooner the University can begin to process it and schedule the formal meeting with Lambda Chi Alpha to petition to colonize before the Expansion Committee. This is the last step before being able to officially begin to recruit for new member for the new Colony.

This is what the local Alumni alone are responsible for:

a.) Names of all Alumni within a 60 mile radius and nationally.
b.) The names and contact info of all Alumni members willing to serve the new Chapter in an
Advisory capacity
c.) A copy of policy for housing, and related housing policy and procedure (if applicable)

1. I, Jeff Reisdorfer (in assistance with several Alumni), and Red Moeller are both working to compile a comprehensive list of all of the Lambda Chi Alpha and Chi Delta Rho Alumni within the 60 mile range.
Of course, both of us would appreciate any help anyone can offer them.

2. Hopefully, we can formalize the list of all Alumni members willing to help advise the new Chapter at this meeting. If you cannot attend, but would like your name included on this list of Alumni Advisors, please email Marty with your willingness to serve and your contact information.

If you have any other items that you would like added to the agenda, please send them to
Marty (

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