Website beautification and functionality

Now that this format of our website seems to be working well (for almost 1 full year!), I have decided to make it a little more pleasing to the eye…adding in some elements along the way.

Check out the buttons below, which will be living in the right column from now on. Descriptions have been included if you are unfamiliar with certain web applications. Thanks to Fuzzy for getting the ShareThis function running smoothly!

Share This The new “Share This” application is a great addition. If you enjoy an article on the website, just click the Share This link at the top of that article and a box will open allowing you to email the article to anyone (without opening an email program). The Share This application also allows you to share the article on Facebook,, Technorati , Digg, StubleUpon and a few other sites.

Donate to the Alumni Association (just like before, but now with a shiney new button!) We run all donations through PayPal as a secure funds processing center. *NOTE: A PayPal account IS NOT REQUIRED to make a donation. You can use you credit/debit card to donate WITHOUT having to sign up for a PayPal account.
Facebook This is a direct link to our Facebook Group. If you have a Facebook account, click this button, log in and you are there. If you don’t have an account, you will need to register for Facebook first.

Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the internet. Originally developed and only able to be used by college students, Facebook is the best way to reconnect with old friends (even those who are over 30 are finding their way onto Facebook). Facebook is free, “cleaner”, and easier to manage than MySpace.

Podcast Every month the Cross & Crescent Magazine/website is updated (published). Every month, our very own Fuzz Martin produces the Official Cross & Crescent Podcast for Lambda Chi Alpha. Click this button to be taken to the iTunes Podcast page to subscribe…for free.

You must download iTunes music player and have it installed on your computer to make this button function properly. iTunes is a free, downloadable music application from Apple Computers ( You can subscribe to the Cross & Crescent Podcast and have it automatically download to your computer when a new podcast is available.

Cross&Crescent Click this handy button to be taken right to the Cross & Crescent website where you can read the newest issue of our Fraternity Magazine. While there, you can read back issues, post comments, take surveys and print-off copies of your favorite issues to keeping at home.

If you have news about yourself or and of our Brothers, be sure to submit it to the Cross & Crescent for future publications. (And be sure to send us a copy as well, for posting on this site. Send newsy items to: eChopper

Frappr Map When we originally launched this version of the website, we made a Frappr Map! Click this button to visit Frappr and put yourself on our map!

Frappr maps are free and allow people to put virtual push-pins of their location on a world map. We set up this map to see where our Brothers are living across the United States and the world!

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