Alumni Interview: Dain Hendrickson

Dain HendricksonDain was a great Philanthropic Chairman while we undergrads together. He really put his heart into all community outreach efforts.

For everyone that wasn’t in school with us, Dain, what years were you in Whitewater and what did you graduate with?

I was an undergrad from 1998 to 2003…and I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

What are you doing now, professionally?

I’m a political operative for a candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. After the campaign is over, I hope to return to the Wisconsin Capitol as a Legislative Aide

What are you doing now, for fun?

Those who knew me in college won’t be shocked to hear me say my fun activities are quite boring. Reading, church activities, movies, spending time with my girlfriend, taking my two dogs to the dogpark.

Do you have any accomplishments you would like to share?

Worked as an intern for the Wisconsin Governor, then went to work for the Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader, now I got picked up to go to work on this very high stakes campaign. I plan to enroll in law school in August 2009, hopefully at Hamline or St. Thomas in the Twin Cities.

Any big surprises in your life that people would find interesting?

No, not really, I’m still the same low key guy I was in college.

Where did you go to high school, when did you graduate?


Dain Hendrickson 2007Where are you living now?

Siren, Wisconsin. After April 1… I want very badly to go back to Madison.

Are you married? Do you have kids?

Nope, not married, no kids. I feel like a dad sometimes with my dogs though.

How did you get involved with the Lambda Chi Alpha (who introduced you to the Fraternity) ?

Jay Matusin. From the moment I met him he was hell-bent on joing Lambda Chi Alpha. I guess the enthusiasm rubbed off on me a bit.

When did you join?

Spring 1999

Did you live in the House, if so, what room(s), did you have a favorite room and why?

No, I never lived in the House. Favorite room? I guess that depended on the occupants. It varied from year-to-year.

Did you hold any offices?

Beta External…which is Philanthrophic Chairman.

How did you decide that Philanthropic Chair was right for you?

When I was still an Associate Member, I was nominated for Beta External by some guys I really looked up to…they thought I would do a great job, and not wanting to let them down, I ran and was shocked to find I won.

Is there anyone you have lost touch with over the years that you would like to catch up with?

Adam Rodriguez, hope he is doing well.

What is your best memory of Lambda Chi?

We threw a Christmas party for needy kids in the Janesville area. It was awesome seeing the looks on their faces when we brought them presents and gave them an amazing Christmas.

How did the Christmas Party come about?
Our Chapter had some traditions they followed, we always participated in the North American Food Drive, we always did a Teeter-Totter-A-Thon, and those were great, but about a month before Christmas I remembered a program my father’s Rotary Club did that I thought was beneficial to Lambda Chi Alpha.

In my dad’s Rotary Club, they raised money through donations from service organizations. Used the money to buy Christmas presents for needy children and hosted a Christams Party at the Boys ‘n Girls Club which included a nice meal, Santa and presents.

So, I went from organization to organization and raised $2,000 which we used on presents. We mirrored the program from my dad’s Rotary Club and held our own at the local Boys ‘n Girls Club. We brought in other Greeks and non-Greek organizations and made it a campus wide program. All-in-all we brightend the Christmas for 75 kids.

It makes me tear up to this day just thinking about it.

Yes, I remember that! I came home from work and walked into the basement finding piles of toys, wrapping paper and people wrapping TONS of presents! It was really heartwarming to think that a bunch of college kids would do that for children they didn’t even know.

Definitely, I would have to say that it was my “Wow, I never thought I would be doing this when I joined a fraternity” moment.

Can you still recite the Greek Alphabet?

No, I could probably get close though.

Who, would you say, had the biggest impact on your fraternal experience? Why?

Brad Scheuerell. He was an older guy who really took me under his wing and looked out for me. Mentored me if you will.

Did you have any nicknames in college? Would you care to share them?

None that anyone told me to my face, haha. “Daintrain” and “Dainish” have always seemed to stick.

Do you remember who your Big Brother was? Did you have any Little Brothers? Who?

Rob Murren. My Little Brother didn’t finish the Associate Member Program.

Anyone you want to give a shout out to?

Adam Rodriguez, Scott Johnson, Brad Scheurel, Matt Hoffman, Eric Sprenzel, Dan Gratton…Otter, Bluto, Flounder, oh wait, that was “Animal House” 🙂

Any advice you want to share with future Lambda Chi’s?

The best advice I can give is to take advantage of the community outreach portions of the Fraternal experience. It opens A LOT of doors you might not otherwise get.

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  1. pokes Says:

    Glad to see your doing well. Be sure to get in touch when if you come back to Madison.

  2. Gleason Says:

    I was at the boys and girls club event and had completely forgotten about it until reading this. It is amazing how memories come and go.

    Its great to see you’re doing well.

  3. Dan Gratton Says:

    Good to see you’re doing good, it has been awhile. Drop me an email sometime so we can keep in contact

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