Business Meeting Minutes: December 18, 2007

laptop.jpgMinutes from Business Meeting of Alumni Advisory Board,
Tuesday, December 18, 2007.

Tom Boelk, Mike Easton, Tom Filak, Ryan Trezek, Nick “Pokes” Wiesensel, Marty Hoke, Bob Hazod, Andy Ellinger, Kevin ‘Doggers’ Grabowski, and Paula Mohan

A. We finalized plans for Nick ‘Pokes’ Weisensel to attend the high pi conference in late January in Texas. The alumni are pooling money to pay for his plane ticket- the rest of the expenses are covered. Any and all contributions to help defray the costs will be gratefully received. Anyone wishing to contribute should contact Bob Hazod, treasurer, at (

B. Marty reported that the alumni will be working with a new Educational Leadership Consultant to help coordinate colonization. The former ELC assigned to UWW was Jarod Holt, who many alumni met at the August 2007 meeting in Milwaukee. Jarod is leaving his work at HQ for a new position, and so we have been assigned a new ELC, Brett Baker, a fraternity brother from Eastern Tennessee University, graduated in spring 2007. We look forward to working with him.

The fraternity can formally approach the university expansion committee with a petition for colonization in February 2008. While there will be a need for significant alumni involvement in this process, it needs to be initiated by the international HQ, represented by Brett. Partially, this is because one of the criterion that the university will use to decide on colonization is the amount of commitment they see from the national organization. So, the expansion process can begin as soon as Brett can clear his schedule to come to UWW and begin the first steps of the process.

C. Paula Mohan gave a report on the university-sponsored “Greek Transformational Old World Cafe”, held on 12/9/07, which was designed to get alumni input into possible reforms in university-Greek relations. The big concern among the alumni was to find a way to prevent any more suspensions of any fraternity or sorority in the future. There was a broad consensus that these three reforms could help to prevent future suspensions.
1.) better communication between university officials, international or national organizations, active chapters, and alumni so that it’s possible to intervene earlier when a chapter is in trouble.
2.) a strong focus on self-governance and self-regulation of each greek organization as the best way to avoid externally-imposed disciplinary measures by the university.
3.) better collaboration between university officials, local alumni, and national organizations in working with active chapters.

D. The Blue Ribbon Commission on Greek Reform will be meeting near the end of January 2008 to collect and study all the input compiled from both the forums and the on-line survey. The members of the committee will then write a final report with recommendations for some practical and realistic reforms to be put in effect at UWW, due to the Assistant Chancellor of Student Affars, Barbara Jones, by February 15, 2008. Once the report is written, the results will be shared with the alumni.

E. Kevin ‘Doggers’ Grabowski will be contacting the city of Whitewater to see if the House Corps can get a six month extension on the external repairs to the chapter house that the city sees as necessary. Originally, the House Corps was given thirty days to make the repairs which would not be practical to do because of the weather. We were assured that getting an extension would not be a problem.

F. Mike Easton reported that the Facebook group,” Lambda Chi Alpha, Wisconsin-Whitewater”, organized by Jeff Reisdorfer, is continuing to grow and currently has over 70 members. It has become a good networking tool and every Lambda Chi, Chi Delta Rho, and Delta Kappa member is invited to join. Alumni members are also encouraged to visit the alumni website often to see the constantly updated new content. Many alumni are sending composites, pictures from ‘back in the day’, and posting Christmas cards, among other items. A special feature is the individual interviews with different alumni members across many generations.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.

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