Chi Delta Rho photos (pt. 3)

Bill Hamilton 1963Another installment of Chi Delta Rho photos from Brother Bill Hamilton. Again, many thanks to Brother Hamilton for these photos. (Click the thumbnails to the left…and see the full-size image!)

CDR13 Steve Zielke (right) at the Whitewater Lake home, September 1964.
CDR14 Ron Franzen, Dennis Kelley and Bob Frisch. Check out the Chi Delta Rho shirt on Bob! Fall 1964
CDR15 Ron Franzen and one of his girlfriends in October 1964.
CDR16 Ron Franzen having a bottle for breakfast at home. October 1964.
CDR17 Dennis Kelley preparing something to eat at the Whitewater Lake Home in September 1964.
CDR18 Bill Hamilton (back) and Dennis Kelly (facing camera and wearing Chi Delta Rho shirt) fixing breakfast at the Lake Home in October 1964.

Chi Delta Rho

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  1. Jeff "Claude" Reisdorfer Says:

    I love those old-school letter shirts! classic!

  2. Dennis Kelley Says:

    We had a reputation for sponsoring spaghetti dinners for the Freshman class women. It was our way of getting to know the new class and check out the ladies. This data was coupled with our setting up a table at registration handing out questionnaires to the new class in order to better know them and later make contacts for dates. Our picture appeared in the local newspaper and we were called into the University and I remember received a stern lecture. My role was as historian. I also kept records on all the professors.

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