Interview: Don Reinbold

Many of you may know Don Reinbold from your years in school or as the Vice President of the Alumni Association. But let’s find out some things you may not know about Don!

For those that don’t know you, Don, tell us when you were an undergraduate at Whitewater and what did you study?
From 1987 – 1992 attained a BBA in Marketing and MSE in Business Education.

What are you doing now, professionally?
I am a local consultant who assists over 450 schools in 5 countries in building their library collections and purchasing materials for student circulation.

What are you doing now, for fun?
Building an 1100 sq ft rec room in my basement.

Where did you go to high school, when did you graduate?
I went to Marquette University High School – 1987.

Where are you living now?
I live in Hubertus WI – Washington County – near Holy Hill

Are you married with children?
Yes, I am married to my wife Deborah and we have two daughters: Mackenzie (age 5) and Haleigh (age 6).

How did you get involved with the Lambda Chi Alpha (who introduced you to the Fraternity) ? 
I was eating dinner at the Double Dip Deli with a bunch of guys from Tutt Hall and we al wonted to join a fraternity but did not like the ones we visited.  So we talked about starting our own.  We were planing on starting a charter for Pi Lambda Phi out of Madison – but the university said that it would not accept new charters until the ones on campus were stronger.  One of them indicated that there was one on campus that was going to shut down if it did not rush a large class of new members.  So we called Lambda Chi Alpha and asked about rush events.  After the first call they hung up on us – thinking it was a prank – so we called back and the rest is History.  We rushed over 100 men in the next threee semesters to become the largest fraternity on campus.

When did you join?
Spring of 1988.

Did you live in the House, if so, what room(s)?
Room #7 – 4 years – Fall of 1988 until May of 1992.

Did you hold any offices?
Vice President 1988- 1989, President 1989 – 1990, Exceutive Chairperson 1990-1992.

Did you win any awards or have accomplishments you are proud of? 
Outstanding Achievement award given by the Chapter.  I also helped put on a excellent 25 year Formal with undergraduates and alumni and helping to start the Teeter-tooter-athon,  

What are your best memories of Lambda Chi?
When we put on Ritual and accepted new members into the Fraternity.  Also, when we would go on a road trip to another Chapter, a Leadership Conference or Conclave.

What is the one Lambda Chi related event that made you say “Wow, I never thought I would be doing this when I joined a fraternity”?
Teeter-Tooter-A-thon – It drew an overwhelming reaction from the campus and the people in the community.

Can you still recite the Greek Alphabet?

Who, would you say, had the biggest impact on your fraternal experience? Why?
Tom Boelk because he taught me many things and kept us on track…even when we were having troubles.  The successes of the Chapter has been because of Tom’s dedication to the men of Lambda Chi Alpha.

Did you have any nicknames in college?
Reinhard / Rheino.

Do you remember who your Big Brother was?
Did not have a Big Brother.

Did you have any Little Brothers?
Yes, Eric Fritz

Any advice you want to share with future Lambda Chi’s?
Tough Brotherhood.  If you do not hold your own Brothers accountable for their choices and actions – you will not succeed.          

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  1. Todd Wilkins Says:


    You are a great brother and took the power of Zax in Whitewater to a new level. I enjoyed being a part of your team as President of the house you put yourself last and your brothers first.


    Todd C Wilkins

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